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Which 4 Zodiac Signs Are Happier When Single, According To Astrology? | YourTango

Maybe you’re not so great on your own and it scares you to think that being alone equals to being lonely. Or maybe you just really like those rebound relationships and awkward first dates too much to give it up. Whatever works for you! RELATED:  What Your Breakup Month Says About Your New Single Life, According To Astrology But on the other end of the spectrum are the horoscopes whose zodiac signs really are happier when they’re single. These are the signs, like Aquarius, who just work better on their own. Heck, they sometimes even prefer working alone at the office because they know that the only person they have to rely on is himself or herself. And there are some people who don't like being single. Why do people dislike being single? There are all types of reasons ranging from being afraid to be alone to not wanting to live life without a companion.  Being single can some with a lot of little perks , like being able to binge watch Netflix and share takeout with your cats, but it also comes with some pretty big perks, too. When you’re single, you get to put yourself first — including your needs. You can use this time to really get to know yourself and figure out what else makes you happy besides enjoying the single life.

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