Ideas For Consideration Of Picking Issues In Buddhist Temples

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Some of the changes since the king ascended the throne in 1946, when the kingdom was known as Siam: 1946: 18 million and growing fast, with families averaging six children. Today: About 70 million and decelerating, with about 1.5 children born for every woman. ENVIRONMENT: 1946: More than 60 percent of the country under forest canopy. Domesticated elephants number some 15,000 and tigers are feared in the countryside. Today: Forests cover less than 20 percent and are still shrinking. Both wild and domesticated elephants Thailand's iconic animals number about 5,000, with tigers down to less than 250. ECONOMY 1946: A rice-growing economy with a mostly rural population and exports restricted to agricultural produce and timber. Today: Urbanization is still only at 35 percent (Germany's is 75 percent, the U.S. more than 80), but industry and services now account for far more of the country's gross domestic product than agriculture. Exports include hard drives, auto parts, chemicals and rice. SOCIAL INDICATORS: 1946: Infant mortality stood at 130 for every 1,000 births.

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