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Do Dogs Have A Zodiac Sign? Astrology Isnt Just For Humans

At this moment in time, we/the event takes on the energy of the universe." She continues, "The day and time you first met and brought [your animal] home would be a relevant event chart — this would show more of the relationship between pet/owner than just the pet’s personality." Now that we know that all dogs have zodiac signs, let's take a look at some interpretations of the signs as they apply to your pup: Talk about being the alpha dog! "When an Aries dog does not come when they are called, don’t take it personally," explains Dogs Naturally Magazine , "They want to be the center of your world and your possessions." Like humans, Aries dogs are strong-willed leaders who don't love to be told what to do — but their fiery, loving spirits easily shine through. Creatures of comfort to the max, a Taurean dog will likely be happiest when lounging in the most comfortable, luxurious napping spot. And according to The Old Farmer's Almanac , "While Taurus pets may be determined, they are also very protective and like to keep an eye towards the safety of their home and family," so no surprise if your dog also doubles as your bodyguard. Gemini dogs, just like Gemini people, are curious about everything around them. "Gemini pets have unbounded energy," explains Find Your Fate , which goes on to say additionally that they "like to entertain their masters and get the attention of outsiders easily." Yep, energetic Geminis are pros at getting attention, but watch out — if necessary, they'll do so by getting into trouble! Super sensitive, these emotionally-guarded water babies just want to be loved and don't take criticism very well — so remember to discipline them with extra sensitivity. "Even though they love being around you, most Cancers need continuous reassurance," explains Dogs Naturally Magazine . Be sure to give your Cancer dog lots of affection and positive reinforcement to ensure their constant comfort. Most dogs are the the unofficial kings or queens of their household — as they should be — but if you're dealing with a Leo dog, you can pretty much guarantee they're wearing the crown. According to Everyday Health , dogs of this sign "love to be pampered and spoiled and are always vying for the spotlight." So yes, some diva-like behavior here, but they're also fearless and loyal to the bone, so there's plenty to love.

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